Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs) / Opportunities

:: Call for Project Proposals ::

The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative research networking call on the theme: Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Current patterns of global development based on people’s continuous extraction and exploitation of natural resources are not sustainable, and a societal transition to systems of sustainable consumption and production (SSCP) is urgently needed. In an attempt to promote co-development of research through science and stakeholder-based approaches to attain SSCP, Belmont Forum has launched a call for research proposals.

Funding range 200,000-3,000,000 Euros

Call themes:

Theme 1 – Transdisciplinary research to help transition to green economies with sustainable systems of consumption and production
Theme 2 – Sustainable and Resilient industries and their governance systems
Theme 3 – Social Inequality and Environmental Justice
Theme 4 – Integrating new technologies, policies, and practices into everyday life

Details of the call and the application process are provided via the application portal

There are also training modules available for proposers on the Belmont Forum YouTube channel. Before starting to prepare proposals, applicants are advised to contact their funding organisation(s) as listed in the annex documents for the call.