2023/24 CIA International Collaboration Support

Consolidated Calls/Event Calendar

Information and Download Form

Download the CIA Collaboration Support form here.

  • Co-Matching External Fund Support  Download
    – Round trip international airfare
  • Inbound Scholars/Student (Post doc/Students)  Download
    Pick up 2,500฿/pax
    -Accommodation at  SUT dorm max 6,500฿/trimester
    -Tuition fee applicable.
    -Tuition fee waived max 4 credits (for students from partnering universities)
  • Inbound Visitor/Professor/Researcher 
    -Pick up 2,500฿ Download
    -Suravana accommodation (Long Term Accom Support for Professor) Download

CIA International Camp Support Budget Request Form.  Relevant information is being processed. The form will be available for download soon.

Information regarding services for accrediting visitors to the university, encompassing a visitor’s guide to SUT upon their arrival in Thailand, details about university life, commuting to the university, and more, is available for further. Click