WTUC2022 @ SUT

The seventh World Technology Universities Congress (WTUC2022) will be hosted by Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand on 22-24 November 2022. Nakhon Ratchasima (or Korat), which is known as the gateway to beautiful highlands of the Northeastern region. The province is the largest province in Thailand and the most prosperous province in the region, boasting its richness in culture and biodiversity amidst the splendor of lush mountainous landscapes.

Days, See you @ SUT, Thailand


The Covid-19 pandemic has driven exponential change in many industries on a global scale. Higher education is no exception. Since 2020 the way institutions operate, the way they deliver teaching, conduct research and support students, has transformed faster than at any other time. The changes will have a long-lasting effect on the sector. The 2022 Congress will provide an opportunity to reflect on the pandemic through focusing on the impact institutions have on their communities and places; how they drive innovation and entrepreneurship; and consider what the future policies and drivers will be that shape Higher Education in the new norm.

If you are interested in attending WTUC 2022 or have further questions about the Network, please contact Denise Whitehead, Development Manager, on wtun@bradford.ac.uk.


1. Creating impact and value with innovation and entrepreneurship
2. Engagement with community for global impact
3. Higher Education Global Policy landscape: Influencers from around the world (SDG/Net-Zero/Regional Policies)

For more information, please see https://www.wtu-n.net/2022-congress/

Travelling to Thailand

Travelling to Thailand (from 1 October 2022 onwardsPassengers will no longer be required to present COVID-19 related documents such as the certificate of vaccination and COVID-19 test result upon arrival in Thailand. ::: read more :::