SUT solutions for students on transportation

Suranaree University of Technology has provide more life @SUT solutions for students on transportation.

The mini electric motorcycle that you may see around the campus is called “More Sai” (it is kind of the abbreviation from motorcycle in Thai language)
There are the parking and charging spot and the parking and stop all around campus.

⚡ parking and charging spot Study Complex 1 (B1)
⚡ parking and charging spot Suranivet Dormitory 4
⚡ parking and charging spot Suranivet Dormitory 7-8
📍 parking and stop Gate 4
📍 parking and stop Gate 1
📍 parking and stop Kasalongkham Canteen
📍 parking and stop Student Affairs Building 1

If you want to try rent and use the More Sai, please download application at >>>

 the rent during the promotion period will be starting from 5 Thai Baht + distance of 1 KM/1 Thai Baht during the stop while driving is charged 0.5 Thai Baht