WTUN Webinar “Prescriptive Analytics and Industrial AI, March 16, 2023

Prescriptive Analytics and Industrial AI: Only those who know the past and understand the present can shape the future

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Artificial intelligence has been used for decades – sometimes more, sometimes less prominently – as an umbrella term for a variety of underlying methods and approaches. Especially in recent years, we observe an increasing importance and impact of AI technologies in many areas of life due to the amount of available data in terms of quantity and quality in combination with the increasing performance of parallel computer systems has led to a stronger focus on these technologies – especially in the area of machine learning. A discipline that builds on this and is particularly relevant for industrialized regions is prescriptive analytics.

Prescriptive analytics is a cross-sectional topic in a cross-sectional discipline or, in other words, a synergetic hybridization of various methods and algorithms from statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics and operations research. Its aim is to provide optimized recommendations for action in various application areas. In this way, knowledge gained in the digital world is brought back to the real world, providing better and more efficient procedures, designs and processes.

About the speaker:
Michael Affenzeller is professor for heuristic optimization and machine learning at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. He graduated in mathematical computer science and did his doctorate and habilitation in computer science with a special focus on applied systems science.

Concerning University administration Michael Affenzeller served as vice-dean for R&D at Hagenberg campus and as the scientific head of the Softwarepark Hagenberg between 2014 and 2022. Since July 2022 he serves as provost of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed papers in journals and collective volumes.
Bringing together machine learning, simulation-based optimization and meta-heuristics with a special focus on adaptive search in dynamic environments in the context of prescriptive analytics is Michael Affenzellers research focus for the next years.

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