2021 ASEAN Training Course

2021 ASEAN Training Course: “Valorization Utilization Technology and Industrial Application of Biomass Wastes in ASEAN Region”

Institute of Urban Environment (IUE) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) will organize 2021 ASEAN Training Course on November 15th – 27th, 2021 for participants who stay in ASEAN countries and offline training for participants in China.

All the courses will be held in English with over 21 courses.

The training courses, aims to help scientists and technical and managerial personnel of enterprises, research institutes and universities in related fields from the ASEAN countries to further understand the real challenges and to master current urgent technologies for biomass waste utilization. The ultimate goal is to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in recourse recycling, carbon emission reduction, ecological and environmental protection and sustainable development. The target audience would be Science & Technology counselors; managerial personnel of enterprises, research institute and universities in related fields from the Belt & Road countries.

The successfully participants will obtain a course certificate.

To apply please contact: yanin@casiccb.com

Ms. Yanin Palachai (Eyes), Project Assistant

Deadline: October 15th, 2021

Download documents at https://bit.ly/3CNi3jM