For International Student Services

1. SUT Online Registration Guideline 2020 (for new student) CLICK

2. Visa Regulations.

Additional information and the following documents will need to be submitted with your visa application Click

Please note the following three important regulations about your visa:

  • You must apply for a visa extension BEFORE the date your visa expires. This application must be done in person at the Nakhon Ratchasima Immigration Office.
  • Whenever you leave Thailand, whether by land or by air, your visa will automatically become invalid.  In order to be able to return to Thailand, you must apply for a re-entry permit at the Immigration office BEFORE leaving Thailand.
  • You must report to the Immigration Office every 90 days, counting from the day you have entered Thailand.

3. Transportation reservation to Nakhon Ratchasima Immigration Office:

  • Due to the University’s energy saving policy, transportation to the Immigration Office at Dankwian, Nakhon Ratchasima, is made available on Wednesdays only.  The van leaves from Sura 1 front entrance every Wednesday at 9.00 hrs.  International students who cannot come on Wednesday will be responsible for their own transportation.
  • To save time and for convenience, international students can register online to book a seat on the van. Bookings close at 14.30 hrs. Every Tuesday (before the Wednesday of travel). Please call 4145 if you have any queries.
  • There is no service on public holidays.  In case any Wednesday is a public holiday, transportation will be made available on Thursday, the following day.

4. Transportation reservation to Bangkok

  • Please book for your seat  3 day in advance, only student whose name in the list of passenger can use the carpool service.
  • Depart from SUT: 005.00 hrs. (Mon.-Fri.)  International students can be picked up at the Surasammanakhan 1 (front gate of Surasammanakhan 1) entrance upon request, at 04.45 hrs. Please be punctual.
  • Depart from SUT front office: The van leaves the SUT front office BKK at approx. 15.00 hrs. of the same dayl
  • Please inform CIA Office as soon as possible if you canceled.
  • Please avoid: eating, singing, making loud noise in the van during travelling is considered impolite.

 5. Welcome note to SUT : more information about life in SUT  Click


SUT International Student Handbook-2020.1

. In case of emergency, Please feel free to contact:

Miss Hataikan Tongiareon (Pee Tee) at the following numbers:
….Day:      Office No.  0 4422 4145, Mobile Ph. No. +66 (0) 85-775 3532