SUT welcome Thai Zhong Culture Exchange (GZ) Limited

On July 19, 2023, The Center for International Affairs arrange activities for the visitors Programs at B6102 Meeting room, ground floor, Rathasimagunakorn Building including get to know SUT international Programs and Campus tour.

09.00 Introduction to SUT and SUT International Programs at B6102 Meeting room, ground floor, Rathasimagunakorn Building by Center for International Affairs Team

09.20 Presentation: Hospitality Technology Innovation Program (HTI)

09.40 Presentation: English Language Studies Program (ELS) for graduate study

09.50 Presentation: Cooperative Education Program for graduate study

10.00 Visit SUT Library (Center for Library Resources and Educational Media)

10.40 Visit SUT Gym (Sport and Health Center) 11.20 Visit Suranivet Dormitory S18/S9

Visit SUT:
13.00 Visit Civil Engineering Program (CE) Laboratory at Equipment Building F5

13.20 Visit Petrochemical and Polymer Engineering Program (PPE) F5 and F4

13.40 Visit Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Program (MAE) F11 14.00 Visit Innovative Agripreneur Program (IA) F13 (SUT Farm)

Program Representative and Campus tour to Laboratory
ELS: Dr. Butsakorn Yodkamlue
HTI: Mr. Manasak Pamornmalirat
COOP: Dr. Sumittra Vichaikammart
CE: Asst. Prof. Dr. Menglim Hoy
PPE: Dr. Aroonsri Nuchitprasittichai and Dr. Laksamon Raksaksri
MAE: Asst. Prof. Dr. Chalothorn Thumthae and Dr. Auraluck Pichitkul
IA: Mr. Kittikhun bhukhongkha

News by: Miss Hataikan Tongiareon