CIA hosted Training on documents from Thai to English translation skills and tools

On June 24, 2022, Assistant Professor Dr Wipawee  Usha, Director, Center for International Affairs,  Presided over the opening ceremony of skills training and translation tools from Thai to English. 71 Participated from the SUT representative department via Zoom system.

In accordance with SUT Policy 2025 in Strategy 4, the development of internationalization and building connections with society Community (Internationalization & Local Engagement) Raising Awareness. Access to university information from individuals at home and abroad is therefore important. The Center for International Affairs provides skills training and uses online grammar monitoring tools so that departments in SUT can translate, can use the tools to check grammar from translation and publish information in various channels. Speaker by: Assistant Professor Dr Wipawee  Usha, Director and Mrs Kornnikar Chotklang, General Administration Officer, Center of International Affairs Center.