NUS Enterprise Summer Programme in Entrepreneurship, Deadline March 20, 2023

NUS Enterprise Summer Programme in Entrepreneurship 2023.

NUS Enterprise Summer Programme in Entrepreneurship isa two-week programme organised by the National University ofSingapore. It offers students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Singapore’s success as one of the world’smost competitive economies, from its humble beginnings as a trading port.

Students will learn the mechanics behind Singapore’s public policyand economic development, immerse in new venture creationprocess, gain insights into entrepreneurship developmentand exposure to the start-up ecosystems in Singapore and theSoutheast Asian region.

The NUS Enterprise Summer Programme provides you with anenriching learning experience and interaction with local studentsin this dynamic multi-cultural metropolis. Participants will getthe opportunity to learn from academic and industry experts, startup founders, eco-system builders, corporate intrapreneurs, venture capitalists and more.

Lectures will be conducted in English by faculty membersfrom the National University of Singapore and industryexperts. Students who meet the programme requirements willbe awarded a transcript and a Certificate of Completion fromNUS Enterprise at the end of the programme

SGD 5,000 (before Goods and Services Tax)

The NUS Enterprise Summer Programme in Entrepreneurshipis open to students currently enrolled in an accreditedUniversity, majoring in any discipline. Priority considerationwill be given to students with an interest in entrepreneurship



This program will be held on 10-21 July 2023. The application period begins on 20 February and closes on 20 March 2023.  

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