International Conference on Emerging Technology to Respond to Climate Change

The Conference include Workshop and Training Course. The workshop will bring together deputies from relevant government department, S&T institutions, industries, academia and technology transfer agencies across the region, and serve as a platform for attendees to present themselves, exchange ideas and technologies in addressing climate change.
The Training Course aims to promote capacity building for attendees and further to facilitate the STI communication in climate change . It will bring together practitioners, regulation makers and academics to learn about technology knowledges, to identify key barriers and R&D potentials, to recommend implementation plan, and to establish channels for future follow-up according to the actual needs and situation in addressing climate change among South and Southeast Asia areas.
The International Conference on Emerging Technologies to Respond to Climate Change will held on this September 14-17th, 2021. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the Conference will have a hybrid of “online + offline” mode, which set an offline main venue in Kunming, China, and delegates from other provinces of China and South and Southeast Asia countries participating in the Conference through online. Software “ZOOM” will provide full technical support.
The objective of this conference:
Enhance awareness on the policy tools and strategies to promote transfer and uptake of emerging technologies for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Explore innovative strategies and best practices to advance development and adoption of emerging technological options to combat climate change.
Provide policy recommendations to facilitate regional cooperation and cross-border transfer of emerging technologies for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Please submit application form along with other required documents to:
before August 27th, 2021.
Source news: the Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation Cooperation Center, Bangkok, Thailand