SUT Overview Slides and One Page Fact Sheet

One Page Fact Sheet , Download : (.PDF) link
SUT International Program : Download (.pdf)
SUT Overview Slides, Download (link)

The Center for International Affairs (CIA), playing a pivotal role in promoting and facilitating international ventures and academic exchanges within the university, has launched English-language documents. These resources aim to benefit students, Faculty member, researchers, and staff interested in collaborating with SUT.

The newly available documents include:

  1. SUT One Page Fact Sheet: A concise document consolidating essential university information that succinctly reflects SUT’s unique identity and value across various domains. It encompasses academic linkages, educational structure, and professional opportunities provided to students.
  2. SUT International Program: This document focuses on introducing educational programs open to international students seeking to enroll at SUT. It contains details about courses, teaching methodologies, and enticing career prospects.
  3. SUT Overview Slides: A presentation designed to provide comprehensive insights into the university, suitable for showcasing various SUT-related information and presentations.

Interested parties can download these documents. This accessibility aims to offer comprehensive and user-friendly university information, catering to the needs of diverse users, and facilitating easy access and utilization as per individual requirements.